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A Bushel Full of Pumpkin Songs

Earthlings have been performing on farms every "Pumpkin Season" since 1996.
Over the years the Earthlings have written dozens of songs just for singing at pumpkin farms. But these songs are much too much fun
 to only hear them in October. 
Now you can enjoy their special collection of Pumpkin songs
anywhere, all year long!

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These samples are in either MP3 or WAV format. 
If your computer has an MP3 player, 
MP3's are smaller files and download more quickly.
Just choose your format, click on the links and the song samples should start downloading and playing automatically.


A Bushel Full of Pumpkin Songs

1. The Best By Far    2:03    MP3  WAV

2. P-U-M-P-K-I-N    1:32    MP3  WAV

3. Beautiful, Beautiful Pumpkins    2:19   MP3  WAV

4. Way Down Yonder In The Pumpkin Patch    2:01    MP3  WAV

5. The Pumpkin On The Vine    1:24    MP3    WAV

6. Rollin' Out To Hunsader Farms    2:24    MP3    WAV

7. Home On The Farm    2:36    MP3    WAV

8. Them Old Pumpkin Fields Back Home    2:21    MP3   WAV

9. Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater    1:56    MP3   WAV

10. A Pumpkin Down In Florida    2:01    MP3   WAV

11. Picking A Pumpkin    2:21    MP3  WAV

12. Jump Down, Turn Around, Pick Yourself A Pumpkin  2:14  MP3  WAV

13. Pumpkin Doo Dah Day    2:33    MP3   WAV

14. You Picked A Jolly, Good Pumpkin    1:25    MP3    WAV

15. Boil That Pumpkin Down    1:54   MP3    WAV

16. Pumpkin Bread    2:35    MP3    WAV

17. Wagon Come and We Wanna Go Home    2:41    MP3    WAV

18. Pumpkin Patch Valley    2:43    MP3    WAV

19. Trick Or Treat    1:47    MP3   WAV

     Total Playing Time: 41 minutes

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Earthlings songs are available for online purchase at

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K.C. Jones & Ann Richards
Largo, Florida
(727) 729-7778



"A Bushel Full of Pumpkin Songs" CD only costs $12.00 US in Check or Money Order. 

To order
, just send an email message to: 

Earthlings will reply with mail ordering instructions.

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