Earthlings' Electric Washboard Band

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Bayshore Baptist PreSchool

Tampa, Florida
March, 2005

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Hi, Kids!

DSC_7672.JPG (1591818 bytes)
Excited to be here!

DSC_7612.JPG (1203175 bytes)
Grandpa Whozit

1TWINKLE.jpg (286024 bytes)
Twinkle Twinkle
 Little Star

DSC_7681.jpg (248296 bytes)
Alphabet Boogie

DSC_7676.JPG (2014574 bytes)
Not enough hands

DSC_7633.JPG (1575004 bytes)
Itsy Bitsy Spider

DSC_7694.JPG (1665730 bytes)
Joe The Crow

DSC_7691.JPG (1658138 bytes)
Do you want to do your show, Joe?

DSC_7692.JPG (1973495 bytes)
This is a True Story

DSC_7693.JPG (1993136 bytes)
Joe The Crow Loves To Put On A Show

DSC_7706.JPG (1225138 bytes)
3 Little Helpers

DSC_7704.JPG (1587897 bytes)
3 Little Fish

DSC_7710.JPG (1565448 bytes)
Boop Boop

DSC_7705.JPG (1215615 bytes)
Everybody Swim!

DSC_7665.JPG (1948567 bytes)
How about
one more song?

DSC_7716.jpg (1182783 bytes)
Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes

DSC_7715.jpg (1331811 bytes)
Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes

DSC_7722.JPG (1186000 bytes)
Bye Bye


Earthlings songs are available for online purchase at

 iTunes,   Rhapsody,  Napster,  eMusic,  MusicNet  &  Sony Connect


The Earthlingsí Electric Washboard Band
can add their special brand of fun and excitement
 to any age group and any size event
from house party to festival stage.

Itís never too early to start planning your next
special event - Donít Delay - Call Today!!

K.C. Jones & Ann Richards
Largo, Florida
(727) 729-7778