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Earthlings Washboard Band

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Nothin' Muffin

1. Nothin' Muffin   2:20     Lyric Link     MP3    WAV

2. Fred The Frog Finds A Friend   3:52  Lyric Link   MP3    WAV   

3. Earthlings   2:18    MP3    WAV

4. Bigfoot Boogie   3:09   Lyric Link     MP3    WAV   

5. Listen To The Mockingbird   3:53   MP3    WAV

6. Here Kitty!   2:50   MP3    WAV

7. Isn't That Just Like A Cat?   1:37   MP3     WAV

8. Joe The Crow Loves To Put On A Show   2:51   MP3    WAV

9. Wooly Bully   2:50   MP3    WAV

10. The Rock Island Line   3:51   MP3   WAV

11. Nessie, The Loch Ness Monster   2:55   MP3   WAV

12. Sammy Snake's Hoop-De-Doo   2:49   MP3    WAV

13. Until The Kitchen Sinks   2:19   MP3   WAV

Total Playing Time: 38 minutes

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"Nothin' Muffin" CD only costs $12.00 US in Check or Money Order. 

To order
,  just send an email message to: 

Earthlings will reply with mail ordering instructions.


Earthlings songs are available for online purchase at

 iTunes,   Rhapsody,  Napster,  eMusic,  MusicNet  &  Sony Connect


Instruments & Sound Effects heard on  "Nothin' Muffin"

Washboard   Sound Sample
Flip-Flop Drum  Sound Sample
Kazoo  Sound Sample
Jaw Harp
Wash Tub Bass
Wash Tub Cello
Rain Stick 
Talking Drum
Sand Blocks
Whistles & Bells
And 34 Additional Sound Effects!


 Try A Delicious Nothin' Muffin Today!

“Nothin’ Muffin” is loads 
        of fun! It contains 13 funny and upbeat songs 
and includes a sing along booklet. 


The Earthlings’ Electric Washboard Band
can add their special brand of fun and excitement
 to any age group and any size event
from house party to festival stage.

It’s never too early to start planning your next
special event - Don’t Delay - Call Today!!

K.C. Jones & Ann Richards
Largo, Florida
(727) 729-7778