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Earthlings ~ Ann Richards & K.C.Jones

Email: earthlings11@gmail.com     Phone: 719.322.7369   Web Site: www.earthlingsmusic.net
 Cell:  719.322.7369     Cell:  727.612.7495

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Photo Blog of Venice, FL Library kid's show at this link: http://earthlingsvenice.tumblr.com/

Photo Blog of Oldsmar, FL Library kid's show at this link: http://earthlingsoldsmar.tumblr.com/  

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U.N.I.R. Earthlings

ABC 1-2-3 Boogie

Mairzy Doats
 (Mares Eat Oats)

Happy Birthday Everyday

Bigfoot Boogie (Karaoke Style)


Old Dan Tucker

Jingle Bells Bonus

King Kong Song


R-R-R & Repeat

The New
Red-Nosed Reindeer Blues

Nessie, The Loch Ness Monster

Goes The Weasel

The Old Folks
 At Home

Happy Birthlings

Bigfoot Boogie (Original)

Reading About Earthlings

We've Been Working On Recycling

"Tell-A-Tale-Town" Nothin' Muffin

  Click Here For Earthlings Video Player- with All 20 Videos

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"Opening our 'Sasquatch' ride with your video and song of 'Bigfoot Boogie' was a hit!
I enjoyed very much the collaborative creative process of working with you guys."

Les Hudson, Vice President of Ride Design, Six Flags Theme Parks

Award Winning Songwriters, Singers and Musicians,
The Earthlings have performed over 6,000 shows in seven states and 3 provinces.
New shows for 2016!

Earthlings' StorySongs 
Gentle fun with story songs
and puppet pals
 for children age 3 to 6.

Earthlings' Holiday Boogie
Old favorites and new surprises for holiday parties. Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas & New Year's Eve. Lots of interaction with everyone joining
in to make the music!
For ages 3 to 12  and all age adults.

Earthlings' Electric Washboard Band
Fun for Families
Moms & Dads as well as kids.
For ages 2 to 92!

Earthlings present 
"Go Get A Book"

Songs Celebrating Reading
And Fun at the Library
Interactive fun for ages 4 to 12.

Boogie Woogie Washboard Band

Wacky Fun for Kids age 6 through 12.

 ~ Something In Common ~
 Intergenerational Programs
Seniors and Children
"Make and Take"   Music Crafts Sessions 
or  Songs For All Generations
A single session or a series. 

Earthlings present 
"A World Full Of Animals"

From Kangaroo to Octopus
from Horses to Goats
from Bears to Little Fish
from Squirrels to Dinosaurs

Fun and upbeat songs with
Interactive fun for ages 4 to 12. 

Earthlings present 
"A Musical Feast"

All the songs contain, feature or are
about items of foods or drink.
Especially delicious around Thanksgiving
- but yummy any time

For ages 7 to 12  and all age adults.

The Earthlings'
Frontiers and Pioneers

Songs of American Frontiers - from mountains to backwoods to prairies
to goldmines with a lot of cowboys
on the range in between.
For ages 7 to 12  and all age adults.

The Earthlings' 
Make & Take Music Show 

Music Crafts & Songs
Make musical instruments out of
recycled materials and join the band!
For kids age 4 to 12.

Earthlings Present
H2O Shows

Fun and funny musical interactive
Water Appreciation show
Conservation program.  
For ages 4 to 12 and all age adults.

Earthlings Present 
"Historic Hits
~ 19th Century Pop!" 

From "The Man On The Flying Trapeze" to
"My Darling Clementine" songs that had
the whole world humming,
tapping and singing - before radio.

Earthlings Present 
"Earth Day Every Day" 

Plants and Animal Songs,
Recycling, Water Conservation,
for ages 4 to 12 and all age adults.
 Hawaiian Style Hula Luau

For anyone - but especially retired and senior adults.
Learn some sitting Hulas (Hula Mu Mu)!
Fun for Adults or kids age 4 to 12
Sentimental Serenade
Smooth and Swinging songs
from the ‘20s, ‘30s, ‘40s & ‘50s.

Earthlings present
 “Recycling Sounds Great!”

Fun and funny musical recycling
and reusing program,
with recycled tunes played
on "pre-cycled" instruments.
For ages 4 to 12 and all age adults.

Whatever Floats Your Boat
A complete program full of songs
 of Ships, Boats, Sailors,
Oceans, Lakes and Rivers.

For ages 7 to 12  and all age adults.

The Bad Pennies
Nostalgic Novelty 
from the ‘20s, ‘30s, ‘40s & ‘50s.

Theme Shows Galore!  For Adults or Kids

Christmas - New Year's - Hanukkah - St. Valentine's Day - St. Patrick's Day - Canada Day - 4th of July - Halloween
Harvest - Birthdays - Cowboy & Western - Mexican - Hawaiian - Caribbean - Rainy Days - Train Songs - Legends & Myths
Animals & Birds - 19th Century Songs - 20th Century Review - 1900 through 1930 - 1930 through 1960 - Grand Openings
Winter - Spring - Summer - Fall  -  Mardi Gras all year long! - Earth Day Every Day - Recycling - Water Conservation
Special Intergenerational Programs 
And Many More! 

Hear Here!
103 Song  Sound Samples 
(MP3 & WAV files) are available to hear
here at this link.

  Whatcha Say? 

2006VeniceReview.jpg (503097 bytes)
Click here to read
the Venice Herald Tribune 
review of "Book Feast"

2006PalmBeachReview.jpg (387734 bytes)
Click Here to read the
  Palm Beach Post review of 
"Reading  Around Florida"


2006ObserverReview.jpg (657649 bytes)
Click here to read the
 North Manatee Observer 
review of "Book Feast"
PBPostArticle.jpg (114810 bytes)
"Hey! Who are you
 calling 'weird'?"



~ Earthlings have international appeal ~
Earthlings' recordings are purchased and enjoyed in 26 countries:

U.S.A. - Canada - England - Scotland - Ireland - Japan - New Zealand - Australia - Austria - Italy - Norway
Portugal - Mexico - Germany - Belgium - Netherlands - France - Sweden - Luxembourg - Denmark
Switzerland - Finland - Greece - South Africa - Romania - Spain

Join the Society for the Preservation of Earthlings!  -  Download an MP3 song or iTunes song!  Earthlings Electric Washboard Band - Nothin' Muffin & Amazon MP3

Become a  Friend of Earthlings! - Download an MP3 Album or iTunes Album!  Earthlings Electric Washboard Band - Nothin' Muffin &  Amazon MP3

Or if you prefer Mail Order CDs send us an email and request order form:   earthlings11@gmail.com


What's That Sound?
(Instrumental Information)

Click these links for pictures of some of the instruments we use  (then click your browser "Back" button) 

Guitar,    Ukulele,    Banjolele
Musical Saw,     Spoons,    Kazoos,
Wash-Tub Bass
,   Harmonica,     Voices
and dozens of other instruments 
and sound effects. 

The Earthlings’ Electric Washboard Band shows are full of fun and funny original and 
traditional songs and spiced with their unique instruments,
special effects, costumes, props and comedy.

Scroll down for Endorsement Quotes

  • "Opening our 'Sasquatch' ride with your video and song of 'Bigfoot Boogie' was a hit!  I enjoyed very much the collaborative creative process of working with you guys." ~ Les Hudson, Vice President of Ride Design, Six Flags Theme Parks

  • Hi KC & Ann,
    I received my two Earthlings CDs in the mail today and I am thrilled with them both. I purchased them for use with my elementary school students. I heard of your music by way of a friend who organized a skit and we used your "Bigfoot Boogie" song in the skit. She said she had owned the CD for years but couldn't remember where she had gotten it. So I searched online and found you and placed my order. I am sure I and my fellow teachers will be making several more orders. I'll be checking your website for your newest CDs. Thanks so much for your prompt mailing of my order and most of all for your fun music!
          ~   Vicki, Port Orchard, Washington


  • Hi There! I see that you get a lot of positive comments, but I just had to write to tell you how much my son LOVES your music. My ten year old daughter can quote every word from every song on StorySongs! We came to see you in Safety Harbor and bought the CD and it has been playing non-stop in our car ever since! My son's favorite song is "Leapin' Lizards" and he wants to hear it again and again. I have to get one of your other CD's because I know all of the words, beats and nuances of this one. Thanks for your fun music!
    Sincerely, ~ Megan (Alexander's Mom)

  • "I loved listening to your songs, you have a beautiful, fun sound. I'm also impressed by the range of subjects you cover." 
    Travis Sherman, Gulf Beaches Public Library
    , Madeira Beach, Florida

  • "Thanks again for all your help with the grand opening - your program was great!"
    Kathy Hemmat, Children's Librarian, Golden Gate Branch, Naples, Florida

  • "The Earthlings' music gets the audience going...
    their toe tapping tunes and the unusual instruments captured the kids' attention.
    Their songs have a strong Florida flavor... A real crowd pleaser."
    The Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach, Florida

  • "Thank you again for being a wonderful part of our family day!  I would love for you to be part of our next one."
    Dawn Johnson ~  Curator of Education ~ Tampa Museum of Art ~ Tampa, Florida

  • "Crazy and amazing two-man band"  St. Petersburg Times ~ St. Petersburg Florida

  • "Thank you so much for making both the 'Holiday Stroll' and the 'Palms & Poinsettias' such fun events! You did an outstanding job getting the audience involved and creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for Largo area families, the city staff and volunteers. I have had so many people say that they had a blast with you! You are truly an asset to our events. Thank you for your energy and excitement!"
    Charla Lucas, Special Events Coordinator, City of Largo, Florida

  • "The Earthlings fascinated their pint-sized crowd."
    The North Manatee Observer, Bradenton, Florida

  • "Thanks for the wonderful music and stories you shared with us last week. 
    Both the children and adults enjoyed the whole show. Thanks also for the 'Book Feast' CD, 
    I am already using it in my programming. I look forward to seeing you here in the future."
    Teresa Fogolini ~ Youth Program Coordinator ~ Englewood Charlotte Public Library ~ Englewood, Florida

  • "Dear K.C. and Ms. Ann
    My Mom took my brother and I to the Winter Haven Library a couple of weeks ago to see you and bought a CD
    and then to the Lake Alfred Library yesterday. I volunteered to be on stage and was the Lamb and Goat
    in the song called 'Mares Eat Oats'. Do you remember me? Well, I think you're really great! I love your shows!
    Love, Michelle C. - 7 years old"

  • "Thank you so much for the delightfully creative musical program 'Recycling Sounds Great!'. 
    Your creativity has inspired us all to put some of our garbage to fun use. 
    Several people asked if we could have you back soon."
    Debra Howell ~ Children's Librarian  ~ Haines City Public Library ~ Haines City, Florida

  • "The parents and children in our community thoroughly enjoyed you 
    and your unique style of fun! You supply a fantastic, quality performance."
    Marion Chamberlain, Seminole Public Library, Seminole, Florida

  • "They are fun to listen to... they harmonize like Peter, Paul and Mary
    with funny lyrics... this music always brings a smile to your face." 
    The Bradenton Herald, Bradenton, Florida

  • "Thanks for a great show! It was wonderful and fun for kids of all ages."
    Sheila Kaufer ~ Children's Librarian ~Jacaranda Library ~ Venice, Florida

  • "I heard such great remarks about your program from our staff. 
    The fun instruments and the Florida & reading themed songs made for a lively time."

    Libby Rupert ~ Children's Services Supervisor ~ Manatee County Central Library ~ Bradenton, Florida

  • "Thank you for your enjoyable program!" 
    Angelina Henry-Manzur ~ Children's Librarian ~ DeBary Public Library ~ DeBary, Florida

  • "Thanks for the great show you put on for our preschoolers. 
    Anyone who missed it really lost out!"
    Marcia B. McKinney, Gulf gate Public Library, Sarasota, Florida

  • "Thanks for making Family Night such a huge success!"
    Lois Eannel, Palm Harbor Library, Palm Harbor, Florida

  • "Thank you for providing an educational and entertaining program. 
    Your presentation during our 'Hats Off To The West' week was right on target!"
    Pat Brinkley, Gulfport Public Library, Gulfport, Florida

  • "Thank you for the wonderful entertainment you provided during our Santa's 
    arrival program. We received nothing but great remarks on your performance."
    Jason Hilliard, Marketing Coordinator, Parkside Mall, Pinellas Park, Florida

    Canadian Quotes

  • “Unforgettable and Delightful... Solid guitar and vocals with a  totally unique
      rhythmic sound ... Funny lyrics and catchy melodies - Join the fun!”
     B.C. Parent Magazine

  • “B.C.’s Best in Family Entertainment! Wacky and Wonderful.
    An endless parade of fun songs and innovative home-made instruments.”
    The Maple Ridge News, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

  • "Sunny songs for all ages”
    - Pitt Meadows Times, Pitt Meadowws, British Columbia, Canada

  • “Wacky and Upbeat” - C.B.C. Radio, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • “A heaping helping of laughs”
    - The Abbotsford News, Abbotsfordd, British Columbia, Canada

  • “Their visual and funny live performances are not to be missed!
    - The Tri-City News, Coquitlam , British Columbia, Canada

  • “Unique & great fun to listen to.”
    West Coast Families Magazine

  • “Top Notch Entertainment.”
    The Hope Standard,  Hope, British Columbia, Canada

  • “With their light-hearted approach, their unique instruments and fun music, 
    The Earthlings invite their friends to join in a celebration of creativity and imagination.”
    The Chilliwack Progress, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

Listen Here!

Listen Hear!

Hear Here!
103 Song  Sound Samples 
(MP3 & WAV files) are available to hear ~ here at this link.

Listen Hear!
Listen Here!

The Earthlings’ Electric Washboard Band has released Eight critically acclaimed CDs!

You can Download Earthlings MP3 files or mail order CDs from us directly.

"My two sons and I saw you today at the Anna Maria Island Library, We bought a couple of CD's and have been listening to them all day.
My sons love all the songs and keep asking to play them again and again." 
 ~ Kelly Seagraves

Earthlings' songs are available for online purchase and download at these stores:
Amazon MP3 &  iTunes

You can reach our Amazon MP3 albums & iTunes albums directly with these Nothin' Muffin links:
Click and listen to samples of all the songs

Nothin' Muffin

23 fun and funny songs for all ages

Amazon MP3

Earthlings Electric Washboard Band - Nothin' Muffin

Pumpkin Songs
and Monster Melodies

(Contains all the songs of
"Bats In The Belfry" &
"A Bushel Full Of Pumpkin Songs")


Hilarious collection of
both new and well known 
Musical Monstrosities

"Earth Day Every Day"

(Contains all the songs of
"Recycling Sounds Great!" &
"Water We Talkin' About?")


Historic Hits
~ 19th Century Pop ~
Volumes One & Two


The Holidays Are Coming

14 songs for the winter holidays,
mostly Christmas but also songs for
Thanksgiving, Solstice, Hanukkah,
 Yule and New Year's

Check It Out!
 ~ Library Finds ~

Pumpkin Songs

Bats In The Belfry

Hilarious collection of
Monster Music

Light Up The Holidays

Recycling Sounds Great!



Water We Talkin' About?



The Earthlings’ Electric Washboard Band
can add their special brand of fun and excitement
 to any age group and any size event
from house party to festival stage.

It’s never too early to start planning your next special event
And we'd love to bring our program to your town!!

K.C. Jones & Ann Richards
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Email: earthlings11@gmail.com   Phone: 719.322.7369   Web Site:  www.earthlingsmusic.net
 Cell:  727.252.4869 ~ Cell: